HUD-Certified Counselors

There are free services available by local non-profit HUD-Certified Counselors, who can help you obtain mortgage assistance for free. 

We provide this information for folks whose situation is so bad that there is no possible way that person can pay anything under any circumstance. In that situation, we definitely want that person to go to a non-profit HUD counselor rather than trying to do this on their own. We feel very strongly that we could get a better result and would be a much wiser investment. However, if the person cannot pay for reasonable-cost monthly flat-fee legal representation, we still want those folks to get help to improve their situation.   

We also would rather have folks go to a non-profit counselor rather than the hundreds of scam artists that collect fees to do "foreclosure rescue" or "loss mitigation" and end up doing nothing.  

The following is a list of HUD-Certified Counselors in Illinois:
HUD – Certified Counselors

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