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Welcome to Goldman Chase Law LLC.  We resolve our clients' delinquent mortgage debts (or soon to be delinquent mortgage) without bankruptcy and return their lives back to normal.  We educate our clients about their non-bankruptcy options to resolve their debts.  Unfortunately, most consumers facing foreclosure only talk to bankruptcy attorneys and then file bankruptcy which does not fix the broken mortgage nor stop the foreclosure from proceeding again.  We help solve the immediate fear and panic you face when served a Foreclosure Summons and Complaint by stopping the foreclosure in its tracks and providing you the time and breathing room necessary to get your financial affairs in order.    
 Our Mission is to free homeowners from the chains of debt so they can live a happier and more fulfilling life with more savings, better credit scores and less stress.   Our practice primarily focuses on foreclosure and debt defense.  Our goal is simple:  to help you permanently eliminate your debt.  How do we do this?  First, we put you in a position where you get some breathing room by defending your foreclosure case so you can stay in your home and keep your largest debt, your mortgage, under control.  Once you can breathe and not live in stress and fear anymore as the foreclosure train is stopped, then you can start saving some money to create an emergency fund.  While you are not making a mortgage payment, you can work on getting your financial house in order to be in a position of strength when we help fix your mortgage so you can begin making mortgage payments again.   
 We are a very different kind of law firm.  We will only take a client’s matter if we sincerely believe we can help the client.  We do not believe in accepting clients and charging them when there is little chance for success as our objective is to improve your legal and financial situation.  Finally, we believe that if we provided you an exceptional value and treated you with respect, kindness and understanding, you will not need our services again but will refer those you know who need our help.  

Goldman Chase Law LLC
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3413 N. Paulina St.
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